Your handy guide to Chapter 8 chevrons

The law and how to protect your fleet

chapter 8 vehicle conspicuity

What is Chapter 8?

Chapter 8 refers to the section of The Road Traffic Manual, released by The Department of Transport that relates to traffic safety measures for roadworks and temporary situations.

Which vehicles need Chapter 8 chevrons?

The guidelines state that every vehicle, from small cars to commercial vehicles, should be fitted with high visibility marking if they stationary on a 50mph+ road for purposed of work or inspection.

Half rear Diamond grade Chevrons

What do these high visibility markings include?

Firstly, any vehicle working on the highway should be a conspicuous colour, most commonly white, yellow or sometimes silver.

Rear chevron markings of alternate retro-reflective red material and non-reflective but Fluorescent yellow material. The width of each strip must be no less than 150mm. In addition, these chevron markings should cover as much of the rear of vehicle as possible without obscuring windows, registration plates or vehicle lighting.

What is meant by Engineering grade or Diamond grade Chapter 8 chevrons?

These two terms refer to the type of reflective red material available.

Engineering grade red is the lower cost option. It is generally accepted if the vehicle is working on roads that aren’t motorways. It is a ‘flat’ reflective vinyl that is less reflective than the diamond grade/prismatic option but still offers great reflective properties.

Diamond grade/prismatic grade reflective red is the preferred material. This is due to its high reflectivity properties. It is required for all vehicles working on motorways.

Engineering grade reflective

What can I get at Squid Ink design?

We offer each of these options for your vehicle. For more information on options click here. If you wish help to decide which best suits your needs then please contact on of our team on 01355 458 588.