Is Glamping the way forward for UK staycations?

Covid-19 has certainly bulldozed 2020. Life has been turned upside down for most people. Businesses have been forced to shut, most of us have been in isolation at some point and holidays have been cancelled. However this isn’t going to last forever, so what does this mean for our future holidays?

The Perfect Holiday May Change

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot of people’s perceptions. Rushing to the nearest airport to spend 4 or so hours in a confined space with hundreds of other people probably won’t be people’s idea of a relaxing holiday for a while. Instead, people are most likely going to favour a UK holiday where you can stay relatively separate from other people to avoid the potential spread of the virus. 

This is where camping will increasingly become the more popular option for holiday goers. But camping certainly isn’t for everyone, however, glamping gives the best of both worlds – the luxury of a holiday home with the separation from people and a chance to relax away from normal life!

Increased Glamping Popularity

Glamping was already becoming more and more popular before the pandemic took over our day to day lives, and it almost a certainty that glamping will thrive further after Covid-19.  

People have had to postpone or cancel holidays so once it’s safe to travel again, there will be a flood of people wanting to relax on their well deserved holidays when they can.

That makes this the perfect time to make sure your glamping pods are built, repaired or upgraded. Whilst you probably have little to no visitors at the moment, soon you will have plenty of visitors! 

Prepare to be busy!

Covid-19 may have knocked us for six right now but when things start returning to normal again, we’ll see the rewards. With people favouring a simple but still luxurious and relaxing holiday over an abroad vacation for a while, glamping sites will be an extremely popular holiday destination. 

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